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Quantum Construction is a full-service, family-owned, general contractor. We build and remodel commercial, industrial, residential, and mixed-use projects. Our service area is generally centered around our office in Anacortes and extends to Skagit, Island, Whatcom, San Juan, and north Snohomish Counties. We will take on travel projects from time to time, and recent projects include a few select ones in Eastern Washington, King County, and Pierce County.

Our project portfolio includes a variety of settings, including hangars, offices, banks, mills, food processing, schools, restaurants, transitional living shelters, research facilities, custom homes, and much more. Through it all, we leverage our commitment to our customers, quality, and our Guiding Principles to ensure that projects are completed with the highest craftsmanship and satisfaction.

We also perform related construction services, such as preconstruction planning, budgeting, and design-build leadership.

Guiding Principles

In 2018, Quantum hosted a collaborative process with every employee, creating a set of shared values and priorities. This resulted in the creation of our Guiding Principles, which govern how we work and how we treat customers, employees, and vendors. We invite you to partner with us as we use these principles to transform the construction process.

  • We treat all others with respect and dignity at all times, in both words and actions. We are truthful with all others.
  • We hold each other accountable for our conduct and we encourage each other. We take a positive outlook.
  • We take pride in our work and build to the best standards appropriate for the job we are doing. We take the time to do our work correctly, with high quality, and leave our workplace clean.
  • We are prompt, tooled up and ready to work at the beginning of our shift each day. We have the appropriate tools and materials for the task at hand.
  • Safety in all things. Safety is our number one priority. Period.
  • We aim for superior customer satisfaction. We finish on time and on budget.
  • We learn and we ask questions.
  • We plan for success in everything we do. We excel at what we do, we perform tasks others can’t, and we resolve to ensure that our work is 100%.
  • Our team is broad, and includes employees, suppliers, subcontractors, and other stakeholders. We partner with others who hold to similar guiding principles.

Meet Our Team

Karin Baldwin, Owner
Karin Baldwin
Mike Baldwin, Owner and Project Manager
Mike Baldwin
Owner and Project Manager
Josh Baldwin, Project Manager
Josh Baldwin
Project Manager
Akemi Birch, Bookkeeper
Akemi Birch
Nicole Coleman, Project Engineer
Nicole Coleman
Project Engineer
Gary Crain, Superintendent
Gary Crain
Chris Erickson, Superintendent
Chris Erickson
Reed Hall, Superintendent
Reed Hall
Greg Latta, Superintendent
Greg Latta
Roland Reetz, Superintendent
Roland Reetz
Thom Richter, Superintendent
Thom Richter

Quantum Construction has been a valued vendor for us here at Swinomish Casino & Lodge for a number of years. Quantum’s team has tackled everything from emergency storm repairs of our roof system to a design/build Sports Bar and everything in between. All projects without exception have been completed on time and within budget. Given some of the time constraints that have been placed on the projects due to the fact that we are a 24/7/365 business operating in the hospitality field makes this an impressive feat. I would highly recommend Quantum Construction for any projects that you may have and would welcome a phone call should have any further questions regarding their qualifications.

Greg Douglas
Director of Facilities, Swinomish Casino & Lodge

Excellent general construction company. Window installation done as predicted, excellent workmanship, kept us well informed during the project, excellent cleanup, and project came in under bid. Couldn’t have been happier. Plus, it’s a local company.

Lawrence Becker

Awesome Company!

Shawna T.

Construction is inherently prone to many uncertain conditions from year to year and contract to contract, repeatedly working with Quantum Construction over the past 15 years has helped remove a lot of the uncertainty we face, they are a cornerstone and support for our business and very rewarding to work with.

Chris Dahl
Dahl Electric

Your guys are courteous and are doing a great job keeping a messy job very clean. I also received many good words when they were working on the oak base removal and reinstallation. They were courteous, tried to keep the noise to a minimum and were very flexible working around people’s schedules. We appreciate their professionalism and quality work.

Dave W.
Facilities Supervisor

Quantum Construction Inc donated their time and materials to help at the YMCA Oasis teen shelter. They completed the project on time and exceeded our expectations. Their efforts have helped improve the lives of homeless teenagers in the valley. It was great to work with a local company that supports our community. Thank you Quantum!

Bob Shrumm, CEO
Skagit Valley Family YMCA

Awesome company and wonderful people!

Pat B.

I called late last week and had a very tight timeline to get this (my project) finished, he and his crew jumped through hoops to get this done for me. During the B-Line start-up, they were critical in us finishing the potline fume stacks, stepping in mid-project to help us finish on time and under budget. Keep them in mind for upcoming projects.

Joe Blair

I have found Quantum to be thorough, attentive to detail, easy to communicate with, and generally easy to work with. Quantum has approached the project in a professional manner, and has been very willing to help problem-solve. I believe they put the owner first in a construction project. Quantum has volunteered considerable effort in suggesting alternative methods or materials that can save the owner time and money in an effort to provide the owner with the best product, cost to value. Quantum’s in-house estimating and project tracking records have been thorough and easy to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Quantum Construction for a commercial project!

Brooks Middleton

Quality and trustworthy construction but I can also attest to the integrity with a little fun thrown in!

Kathy P.

You’re an awesome company with a great history and track record, fun people to work with, projects done on time and on budget.

Bob D.

Investing in Our Community

In many ways, construction gauges the health of a community and the past investments we’ve all put into it. Are businesses able to support themselves and grow? Are people moving to the area? Are the residents flourishing?

We’re part of this community, and we want to see it succeed! That’s why we partner with local non-profits who are doing fantastic things, using our time, finances, and talents to support organizations such as the Anacortes Family Center, Boys and Girls Club, Skagit YMCA & Oasis Teen Shelter, Skagit Community Foundation, Brigid Collins, Skagit Symphony, and many more.


Getting Started

If you’re excited to build (or remodel) your first project, working with a construction company can seem like an insurmountable task. How do you effectively communicate to ensure that your project is built the way you want it, is finished within your time table, and comes in within the set budget? Choosing the right contractor is a large part of that! The professionals at Quantum Construction can ensure that your project comes out as planned. You don’t have to fear poor communication, craftsmanship or confusing pricing. Our goal is to keep your construction project exciting, understandable and fun!

To get you started, we encourage you to meet our team or check out photos of our past projects. We will also provide references if you contact us. When you’re ready to take it to the next step, feel free to bring your plans, specifications or ideas to our office and discuss them with a project manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of work do you?

Quantum builds and remodels commercial, industrial, agricultural, and custom residential projects. We set up teams tailored to the specific needs of the project, ensuring that each will be the best that they can be!

Our portfolio includes offices, commercial multi-family, custom residential, warehousing, food processing, manufacturing, laboratory, medical, educational, aviation, agricultural, maritime, retail, restaurant, recreational, civil, and much more!

How much will my project cost?

This is certainly our most common question! Each building that we construct or remodel is custom and unique, meaning that the costs are calculated on a project by project basis and vary depending on site conditions, specific configuration of your building, and finishes you select.

The more information you have on your project (site, plans, finishes, selections), the more accurate an estimate can be. Prior to breaking ground on a project, we prefer to complete a “sticks and bricks” estimate where we break the project down to its individual components and price them out, to make sure we have the most accurate number possible.

If you’re just starting down the construction path and need budget numbers for planning and preconstruction, please contact us and a project manager will work with you.

How do I start the construction process?

The easiest way is to Contact Us and we can walk you through the first steps given your individual situation. Prior to beginning onsite construction, you’ll need to address the following:

  • Partnering with Quantum for pre-construction and course of construction general contracting services
  • Land acquisition
  • Selecting a design team and creating a location-specific set of plans
  • Permiting the project
  • Setting up a budget and financing

Each of these items are somewhat dependent on each other, and our team can help you navigate through them!

Can you build for $XXX per sf?

Square foot numbers are a common metric used for pricing because they are simple to use. They are best suited for early project planning and later as a budget cross check. That’s about where their usefulness ends. For a simple example of why, consider floor coverings. There may be as much as a $20 difference between types of floor coverings; if that same floor covering is used throughout the project, the difference will be directly reflected in the square foot price, even if everything else is identical.

It’s also important to consider the components that make up a square foot price. Is it a complete project cost including design and permitting? Or is it strictly onsite construction services? Does it include general site development or just the building? How about items which are sometimes completed by the owner such as appliances and window coverings? Inclusion or exclusion of these items are not inherently correct or incorrect, but clearly you need to know how much of your project is covered by that square foot number.

How long will my project take?

Like pricing, schedule depends tremendously on project specifics. A warehouse on a developed piece of land may have a schedule measuring a few short months, while a large commercial site development or medical facility may take over a year. A simple cabin or accessory dwelling unit (ADU) will go up much faster than a large custom home.

Similar to budgeting, it’s also critical to consider what items are included in a project duration. It’s not unusual for preconstruction of a project to take longer than the construction itself. Preconstruction includes items such as land acquisition, design, SEPA, permitting, financing, budgeting, and more.

What size of projects do you take on?

Our projects range from small repairs to multi-million dollar buildings and campus developments. We assess each project on a case-by-case basis to ensure that it fits into our current schedule, workload, and team allocation so that we can provide the best possible service. Contact us to talk with a project manager and to partner together on your project!

How far do you travel?

Quantum generally works in Skagit, Island, San Juan, Whatcom, and northern Snohomish counties. We try to live and work local to ensure that we can provide the best possible construction services. That said, we do sometimes travel within Washington State for certain projects, especially for previous customers (because our clients are the best!).

Do you provide design services?

Yes and no. We have a long-established “design-build” track record for some types of industrial, commercial, and agricultural projects. In this, we act as the overall design lead and bring in architects, engineers, specialty vendors, and design-build subcontractors with experience in the project type. This works best for functional type buildings, such as mills, processing plants, hangars, storage buildings, office or storefront shells, and similar. We don’t have inhouse architects, preferring to create teams tailored to the project. We also provide inhouse design for small projects where engineering and architectural review are not required by the permitting process. Projects such as homes, commercial offices, restaurants, medical, and mixed-use generally benefit from a direct owner-architect relationship.

Contact us and we can help get you started down the best design path!

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