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Anacortes Family Center, Administration Building


Quantum Construction is proud to have been recently honored with the opportunity to build a new administration and resource center for the Anacortes Family Center (AFC). This stunning new building serves as a coordinated entry point into the AFC campus, and thoughtfully integrates administration offices, client development areas, and dedicated spaces for non-profit partners such as A Simple Gesture.

Architecturally designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, the building embodies a sense of community and support. The interior includes:

Onsite Training Facilities: AFC’s high success rate is driven in large part by the training and guidance provided to clients. These spaces provide an environment conducive to learning, development, and personal growth.

Staff and Counseling Areas: Private and comfortable areas designated for one-on-one counseling and staff collaboration, facilitating a secure and nurturing atmosphere.

Meeting and Conference Spaces: These rooms are set up for both onsite and offsite collaboration. Advanced multimedia systems ensure seamless communication with remote participants, while multiple space sizes and configurations promote productive onsite meetings.

Space for Non-Profit Partners: Specialized areas to accommodate the needs of partnering organizations, such as A Simple Gesture, emphasize AFC’s commitment to fostering community ties and shared missions.

Donor Recognition Area: A tastefully designed space honoring the generous contributions of donors, acknowledging their essential role in making the AFC’s vision a reality.

The new facility not only encapsulates the essence of AFC’s mission but also amplifies its reach and effectiveness. Its innovative design promotes synergy between various functions, resulting in an integrated environment that supports community engagement, teamwork, and the noble cause of the Anacortes Family Center. Explore this beautiful space and discover how it enriches the AFC community and beyond.

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